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Tailored car mats

Worn out car mats not only give your car a run-down look, moisture and filth can easily penetrate through to the floor of your car. At Just Carpets we produce made to measure car mats that are known for their lasting quality. Buying new car mats with us is a guarantee that you won't need to worry about wear and tear for the years to come.


The pro's of car mats

Car mats are one of the most underrated accessories in a car. And yet they are much more important than you'd think. Car mats aren't there for nothing, they act as protection for the original lining of your car. Car mats protect the floor of your car against moisture and filth. Even though car mats are an absolute must for the floor of your car, that's not the first thing people think about when buying new car mats.

Most people purchase new car mats because their old ones have experienced wear and tear. Holes are beginning to form or are already present. Holes in car mats are extremely noticeable and give your car a run-down look.

Do you have holes in your car mats? Don't give moisture and filth a chance, order your made to measure car mats here with a warranty of up to 4 years. The car mats you choose are based entirely on what you find to be important. Looking for something purely functional or do you find appearance important as well? Below we've made a list of all the different kinds of mats we offer.

At Just Carpets we offer 4 different types of mats.

  • Needle felt (for everyone looking for decent quality but doesn't care too much about car mats. The mats will fit perfectly in your car and won't budge thanks to the original fastening system.)
  • Velour (A more luxurious variety made using a softer carpet. Good quality with a 2 year warranty. The beautiful black or anthracite colour give these mats a beautiful appearance.)
  • Luxury velour (A luxury car mat with an impeccable appearance. Made using soft carpeting that's also very sturdy.)
  • Saxony (The show stopper of our collection. Our saxony car mats are made from one of the softest carpet sorts available. The mat is thick and has a magical shine. With a 4 year warranty.)
  • Rubber (Our rubber car mats, like the rest of our collection are made to measure for your car. They're extremely sturdy and therefore very sustainable. The ultimate car mat for fall and winter.)
  • We have multiple borders available. You can, for example choose for single or double stitching in the colour of your choice, with a coloured border or a chic Nubuck leather border.

Luxury car mats

Aside from those who choose to buy car mats for practical reasons, there are also people who buy them to give their car a more luxurious appearance. Our luxury velour and saxony variants are incredibly sturdy and have the longest lifespan. And yet most people choose these variants for their luxurious and individual appearance. 

The saxony car mats have a nice shine and are thick enough that you can leave a handprint in them. 

Excellent rating!

"Clear site. Quick service. And good car mats. Fit is absolutely great."

9 / 10

Cheap car mats

For cheap car mats, we're not your guys. And we're honest about that. Our car mats are, in every aspect, made of the best materials and we guarantee their durability. Are you looking to buy car mats for just a few euros? Then you'll need to buy one-size-fits-all car mats at a discount shop like Action.

Even though we don't offer any "cheap" car mats, we're still the most popular choice. And we're of course very happy with this fact.

Car mats made to measure or one-size-fits-all car mats?

Choosing car mats that are made to measure is always the best option. Universal car mats shift around a lot more and that's everything but safe. They also won't last you as long as made to measure car mats because universal car mats are made from the cheapest quality carpeting. Our car mats are made to measure for any car and fit into the fixtures of your car. 

Car mats with a logo makes it personal

The third group of people that our website reaches is people who want to personalise their car mats. Personalising your car mats with a unique text or logo is just one of the possibilities at Just Carpets.

Text and logos are sewn in. Due to the fact that we sew them into the mat, the chance of wear is near to none. You can choose from a number of colours and fonts. Using our handy system you can easily see how your text or logo is going to look on the mats. 

Rubber car mats for the winter

As the weather gets colder and the winter approaches, it's time to change out your car mats. That is, if you want to protect your car from the problems brought on by colder weather. Our rubber car mats are extremely sturdy and can handle a lot. Dirty shoes are no match for these car mats.

Cleaning rubber mats is also very simple and can be done with a pressure washer or soapy water.

Cleaning your car mats is easy

Since we're already on the subject... how do you clean carpeted car mats? Can you put them in the washing machine? Car mats in the washing machine is not a good idea. For light messes, you can simply vacuum the mats, and for more extreme filth you can wipe the mats down with a damp cloth.

Don't want to take any risks? Order our special carpet cleaner. On the "Cleaning car mats" page you can find a full explanation of what our carpet cleaner does.

Buying car mats

Buying car mats is simple. Using the navigator at the top of the page you can choose your car make and model and in just a few steps you're done putting your car mats together.

Click here to go to the navigator. 


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