About us

Just Carpets has been producing car and car boot mats since 2009. Since then, Just Carpets has grown into an international online shop delivering thousands of car mats per month. An enthusiastically run, healthy, growing company with scores of employees. 

Modern craftmanship

Together we strive for perfection with a strong focus on ethical entrepreneurship. This translates into an open and stimulating personnel policy. Into prices that are acceptable for our customers and healthy for our company. And into continuous growth and internationalisation enabling us to remain flexible and to work to a productive economy of scale. With these preconditions, we are able to offer our customers high quality products and can keep our staff employed.

Modern craftmanship that pleases both the producer and the customer worldwide. Our motto? Create and Enjoy!

From our own factory
Every car and car boot mat comes directly from our own factory and includes the original fixing system. From production to delivery, we ensure that there are as few links in the chain as possible so that our products remain affordable.

Fantastic quality 
All raw materials are of the highest quality. The quality of our products is at least equal to, but often even better than, the original car or car boot mats. Accurate to the millimetre, they are manufactured based on measurements obtained by our specialist from car dealers in the region. 

Your specifications
You design your car or car boot mat entirely to your own liking. From the material and colour of the thread, to your own logo - design your own car mats in our online shop.  Is a particular element not available through the website? Then we can offer you individual help.

We enjoy working on our products thanks to a pleasant working environment where every employee can feel at home. This is evident, amongst other things, by the high-quality finish of our mats.

Optimal economies of scale due to internationalisation.

In order to continue with our strategy of ethical entrepreneurship, one of our spearheads is internationalisation, enabling us to:

  • Create more opportunities for product development based on the economies of scale.
  • Respond even more flexibly to specific customer requirements.
  • Continue investing in good working conditions for our staff.
  • Keep automation in our own hands so that we can work efficiently.
  • Stay ahead in terms of user-friendliness by continually optimising our online platform. 

Our promises

  • Customer-centric: at Just Carpets you decide what your product should look like, we take care of the quality and the service. 
  • Generous guarantee: we stand behind the high-quality materials we use and our employees’ careful working methods. That’s why we offer you an extra generous guarantee. 
  • Fair prices: we do not strive for maximum profit but have realistic prices that are lower than the original. 
  • Reliable delivery: we always use the same delivery partner due to their high score for quality (timely delivery and low error percentages).

Our service

Questions or problems during the ordering process? Our customer services personnel will be pleased to help you. Not happy, despite our professional approach? Money back guarantee!


Need help?

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