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Buy your new Peugeot boot mat online easily. Just Carpets is the website to buy the boot mat for your Peugeot! Fast and easy boot mats delivered to your home. Only the best boot mats are good enough for you. We supply your Peugeot boot mat with 100% fit and excellent quality for years of fun. Order your Peugeot boot mat here. Just open the box, check whether you have received the correct Peugeot boot mat than clear the trunk and add the new boot mat! It can be that simple.

Peugeot 2008

2 models

Car mats 2008 Type 2

Peugeot 3008

2 models

Car mats 3008 Type 2

Peugeot 308

8 models

Car mats 308 Type 3

Peugeot 5008

4 models

Car mats 5008 Type 2

Peugeot 508

7 models

Car mats 508 Type 4

Peugeot Tepee

2008 - heden

Car mats Peugeot Tepee

trunk mats

Not all brands and models of cars are delivered with a boot mat included. Nevertheless, a boot mat is an asset to your car. Any goods or pets can now also be taken in the trunk. This without damaging your trunk or to make it dirty. Also cleaning is much easier due to the rubber boot mat.

The mats are robustly made with extra thick material that does not smell and lasts for a long time. They fit perfectly in your Peugeot! Liquids, sand and dirt do not stand a chance due to raised edges that protect the trunk of your Peugeot against dirt. The edges are so strong that in the most severe conditions they continue to do their job. The solid packaging ensures that the boot mat (without folding) is delivered to you. So choose now for a Peugeot from!

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