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Car boot protector with an optimal fit

Are you looking to protect your car boot? Our rubber and fabric car boot protectors keep your car boot protected in all circumstances. 

Our rubber car boot mat is perfect for numerous circumstances such as moving dirty objects or bringing your pets around. Our fabric models are ideal for other items such as groceries. 

Both the rubber and fabric versions have an anti-slip bottom which keeps them from sliding around. 

To ensure that our car boot protectors fit in your car like a glove, we’ve taken in measurements of all the models at a dealership. This means all of our car boot protectors are 100% made to size and will fit perfectly in your car. For this reason you’ll never have to worry about eventual alterations. 

Benefits of a rubber car boot protector


•Easy to clean 


•Perfect fit 

•Raised rim 

•3 year warranty 

Benefits of a fabric car boot protector 

•Gives your car a luxurious look 

•Made from the best fabric 


•Perfect fit 

•4 year warranty 


Excellent rating!

"Clear site. Quick service. And good car mats. Fit is absolutely great."

9 / 10

Car boot protectors made of rubber or plastic?

Many people hesitate between rubber and plastic when choosing what kind of protection to buy for their car boots. 

We prefer rubber because it’s 100% anti-slip. The anti-slip on our rubber mats is for this reason even better than that of a plastic mat or bin. 

Which cars do we have car boot protectors for? We have a fitting car boot protector for most cars, these are the most popular models at the moment: 


•VW Golf 7

•Seat Ateca 

•VW Touran 

•Skoda Octavia 

•Mercedes C-Class 

•BMW 3-Serie 

Ideal car boot cover for dogs?

Usually our minds go straight to dogs when thinking of car boot mats or other forms of protection for your car boot. Which makes sense because a rubber car boot protector is ideal for dog owners. This way you never have to worry when bringing your dog around in the car boot. 

There are several types of car boot covers on the market. Some examples of these are: 


•Fabric with bumper protection 



•Rubber with bumper protection 

The disadvantage of fabric car boot mat or cover is that they are hard to clean and break more easily than rubber or plastic, for example. 

Like we said earlier, we prefer rubber because it has a flawless anti-slip design

Car boot protectors with anti-slip

We believe that no matter what you put in the car boot, a car boot protection mat or a car boot protection cover, it should always be equipped with anti-slip. Imagine your groceries sliding all around from left to right back in your car boot.

Customised car boot protection

Our car boot protectors are customised and therefore fit perfectly in whatever type of car you have. Thanks to this seamless fit, nothing will leak into your car boot. 


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