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Rubber car mats

It will be so much easier to clean your car if you use rubber car mats. Dirt from shoes, for example, can be easily removed from the vehicle in this way. In addition, the mats provide extra grip and comfort and give your car a more luxurious appearance. Many of our customers choose to place made to measure rubber mats in their car in autumn and winter. And then to replace these with regular mats in spring and summer. The mats are made of a thick albeit flexible rubber ensuring a perfect fit. Where rubber car mats are concerned you can choose from several variations. There are obviously mats that consist solely of rubber and are provided with relief to prevent slipping. We can, of course, also provide the mat with the right fastening material to ensure that the rubber car mats will not move from their place. We offer a wide range of rubber mats.

Various rubber car mats

Thanks to a great relationship with the producer of the rubber mats we will be able to supply a fitting set of mats for the most common car models. Our manufacturer observes the market developments closely and constantly adapts the production process to meet this. For this reason we are able to supply complete sets of rubber car mats for the latest model cars without a problem. It could happen that we do not yet have a rubber mat set for your car. 

That they meet the highest demands of today's car industry applies to all mats in our range. The rubber mixture our car mat sets are made of ensures that the end product is both lightweight and cast-iron strong. A long life is therefore guaranteed! (We also have Rubber car boot mats)

Excellent rating!

"Clear site. Quick service. And good car mats. Fit is absolutely great."

9 / 10

Advantages of rubber mats

- Your mats are easy to keep clean

- Always the right fastening system ensuring a tight fit in the car.

- A warranty of over 5 years

- No rubber smell but neutral.

Please note: Rubber car mats are not available for each car brand. They are available for the most common models.




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