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The benefits of new car mats

Replacing your car mats not only gives the interior of your car an upgrade but also protects your car’s original upholstery. Car mats protect your car from wear and tear, moisture and dirt. This is particularly important during prolonged periods of bad weather. Repeatedly getting into your car with wet or dirty shoes can damage the upholstery. Without mats, moisture and dirt have free rein and can even cause permanent stains on the upholstery. If a lot of moisture gets into the car in a short period of time, it could even leak through to the bottom of your car, increasing the risk of corrosion. New car mats therefore not only spruce up your interior but are also functional. Of course, detachable mats are also practical, since they can be easily removed for cleaning. 

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In respect of layout, each car is different. We produce perfectly sized car mats for each car brand. Based on the brand, model and year of manufacture, we know exactly which mat will be a perfect fit for your car. Whether you drive an Audi A4, Peugeot 307, Suzuki Swift or a VW Polo, we guarantee a 100% fit. This ensures you of car mats that stay in their place and don't move around. Each set has an appropriate fixing system. You also have the simple choice of  car mats with logo or car mats with text. You can make your additional preferences known at the end of the ordering process. In addition to our home-produced car mats we also sell heavy duty rubber car mats and high quality trunk mats.

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