Car mats Volvo

Looking for new car mats for your Volvo? You get a complete set of mats and original fastening system, so that your mats will no longer slip. We only sell car mats that are perfectly tailored to your car. So you can be certain that the car mats you order fit in your Volvo. We maintain high quality standards in our car mats, and use only carefully selected materials. Go for perfection and comfort – choose to fit your Volvo with our car mats. We provide our car mats with an anti-slip backing for maximum safety. Would you like to add a logo or text to your car mats, or a heel pad to combat wear? That too is possible with Just Carpets.

Volvo 164

1968 - 1975

Car mats Volvo 164.

Volvo 240/260

1974 - 1993

Car mats Volvo 240/260.

Volvo 440/460/480

1988 - 1996

Car mats Volvo 440/460/480.

Volvo 850

1991 - 1996

Car mats Volvo 850.

Volvo 940/960

1990 - 1998

Car mats Volvo 940/960.

Volvo Amazon

2 models

Car mats Amazon Automaat

Volvo C30

2006 - 2012

Car mats Volvo C30.

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"Clear site. Quick service. And good car mats. Fit is absolutely great."

Volvo C40

2021 - 2022 | Recharge

Car mats Volvo C40.

Volvo C70

3 models

Car mats C70 Type 2

Volvo PV544

1958 - 1969

Car mats Volvo PV544.

Volvo S40

2004 - 2012

Car mats Volvo S40.

Volvo S40/V40

2 models

Car mats S40/V40 Type 2

Volvo S60

3 models

Car mats S60 Type 3

Volvo S70

1996 - 2000

Car mats Volvo S70.

Volvo S80

2 models

Car mats S80 Type 2

Volvo S90

2016 - 2022

Car mats Volvo S90.

Volvo S90/V90

2 models

Car mats S90/V90 V90

Volvo V40

2 models

Car mats V40 Type 1

Volvo V50

2004 - 2012

Car mats Volvo V50.

Volvo V60

3 models

Car mats V60 Type 2

Volvo V70

3 models

Car mats V70 Type 3

Volvo V90

2016 - 2022

Car mats Volvo V90.

Volvo XC40

2 models

Car mats XC40 Type 1

Volvo XC60

2 models

Car mats XC60  Type 2

Volvo XC70

3 models

Car mats XC70 Type 3

Volvo XC90

4 models

Car mats XC90 Type 2

Premium Volvo car mats

Volvos are renowned for their indestructibility. There are plenty of models out there with more than 500K on their mileage as well as countless classic Volvos. Volvos are exceptionally safe cars, which is proven time and time again in various tests. Car mats in a Volvo often have to endure a lot due to their time on the road. Would you like to buy car mats that are as strong and safe as your Volvo? If so, you are making the right choice when you buy our Volvo car mats. Thanks to their guaranteed perfect fit, the original fastening systems and the antislip layer, they will not shift an inch - super safe. At the same time, our Volvo car mats withstand wear and tear like a pro. This is thanks to the fact most of our carpet types are way sturdier than the original.

Solid and safe car mats are essential accessories in every single Volvo out there. That's why our webshop always offers you the right car mats for your Volvo. You can pick between the following materials:

  • Needlefelt - our most affordable type of carpet
  • Velvet and luxury velvet - high quality carpet with lots of comfort and luxury
  • Saxony - superior quality carpet with an exclusive premium look
  • Rubber - dirt-repellent, moisture-resistant and easy to clean

Rubber car mats Volvo

Rain, snow, muddy roads: a Volvo will get safely get you to your destination no matter what. Unfortunately this does mean your car mats will get quite dirty in these circumstances, and cleaning them is often quite some hassle. Luckily we are here with a solution: our rubber Volvo car mats. They fit perfectly and they can effortlessly be rinsed clean. In addition, they are environment-friendly as they are made of recycled material (which happens to be odourless, too!). It doesn't get any better than this!

Car boot mat Volvo

A Volvo seems like it was made to transport a whole lot of stuff at any time. How do you keep the upholstery of your car boot in pristine condition? Thanks to our Volvo car boot mats, it's never been easier. They come with a perfect fit - like all of our car mats - and you can choose between carpet or rubber. A rubber car boot mat is moisture-resistant and very practical, while carpet gives that luxury feel. The choice is yours!

Volvo car mats materials

You can choose from a variety of materials for your Volvo car mats. Our most affordable car mats are our Fibre bonded mats. High-quality, functional carpet, but unsuitable for heavy use. Choose these mats if you are looking for just that little bit more than a universal car mat. The most popular mats are our Velour and Luxury Velour car mats. The quality is better than the original. These car mats are produced professionally, resulting in very densely woven carpet. For these car mats, we use high-quality tufted velour carpet, guaranteeing a luxurious look worthy of your Volvo. If you want the very best for your car, choose our Saxony car mats. Made of very high-quality carpet, precision cut and carefully finished. An exclusive mat that is only used by the very best makes of car . Finally, you can also choose rubber car mats for most models. Rubber is easy to clean, making these mats ideal for autumn and winter. No matter which material you choose, we guarantee a 100% fit for your Volvo %.

Custom Volvo car mats

At Just Carpets we have put very high quality first for years. All car mats are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit. This also applies to our car mats for your Volvo. If there is a problem with your car mats, you can use our money-back guarantee. You can easily order your new car mats on our website. If you need help, please contact our customer service. We’ll get started right away, so you won’t have to wait long for your new order. Surely you won’t settle for a universal car mat that doesn’t fit properly? Buy a car mat that's custom-made to fit your Volvo!

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