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Car mats with text

Nowadays it's possible to fully adapt your car to your own taste. This will turn your car into a regular eye-catcher.

Spoilers, 4 exhausts, tinted windows, fluorescent rims, the sky is the limit! The car interior is often forgotten. So it could happen that your car's exterior looks fantastic but that the interior leaves much to be desired. Drab, dirty or worn car mats could adversely affect the look of your car. Did you ever stop and think of the importance of a good car mat?

Design your own car mats with text

We can be of great service in your search for new personalised car mats. Why? Because we can arrange to have your own text embroidered on the mats! You can totally adapt the mat to your own wishes. Whether it concerns an old banger or a brand new Audi; we will sort it out! We have lots and lots to offer in respect of personalising mats. You can choose from 8 different fonts and no less than 13 different colours of embroidery thread! A tip when making your selection is to take the colour of the strip around the mats and the colour of the mats themselves into account. If you opt for anthracite-coloured mats, for example, we would recommend to not choose grey for the colour of your text. You can have everything embroidered on your mats such as your name, your initials or an original text. Would you like to surprise someone with a truly original and personalised gift? How about our car mats with text!


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"Clear site. Quick service. And good car mats. Fit is absolutely great."

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High quality car mats with text

The Just Carpets car mats are of a high quality. This applies to the Velour car mats as well as the fibre-bonded car mats. The embroidery of the text on the car mats is also of a high quality as it isn't glued but embroidered on the mat. This ensures the long life of the mats and that the text can't come loose. What better way to enjoy your mats for a long time.

Order your personlized car mats today

Would you like to receive your personalised mats as soon as possible? Then order them today! Because Just Carpets produces these mats in-house we can offer you the best quality. In addition, the mats always come with a 100% warranty and a short delivery time. It is even possible to pay for your mats in arrears if that would make you feel safer. Make your car even more personal than it already is and go for car mats with a text from Just Carpets!




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