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Cleaning your car mats

Cleaning car mats can be a difficult task. Especially when they are extremely filthy and a vacuum cleaner doesn't suffice. Thankfully there are multiple ways to get your car mats clean again. In this article we'll tell you everything you need to know about cleaning your car mats.


Car mats don't always have it easy

The car mats in your car don't always have it easy. The soles of our shoes pick up a lot of filth and the majority ends up on our car mats. And we haven't even mentioned rainy or snowy days that make mud and brine to stick to the soles of your shoes.

Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

The simplest way to clean your car mats is of course with a vacuum cleaner or by hand. Beating the mats will get rid of most of the filth and all that's left over can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. 

Getting rid of stubborn filth

So what is one to do if the mats are covered not only in sand and dust but also stubborn filth like brine or oil? There are several cleaning agents that can be used to clean your car mats, but pay close attention to which you use.

Cleaning car mats with water

A good tip is to first try cleaning with water. Wet a brush and scrub carefully. Scrub the filth out using a fluid motion on the mats. Is the filth too stubborn to get out using only a brush and water? Then we move on to the next step.

You can try to clean your car mats with a mild multipurpose cleaning agent. Make sure that the cleaning agent isn't too concentrated. This could damage your car mats.


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Car mats in the washing machine. Yes or no?

Some people wonder if car mats are washing machine safe. It's not a crazy idea but we strong advise against doing so. Car mats made from carpet have an anti-slip mat on the underside which can be made up of numerous materials. This anti-slip mat can be damaged in the washing machine. For this reason you should never put your mats in the washing machine. Some car washes have special car mat cleaners, it's perfectly safe to have your mats washed here. Do you have car mats with a logo? Then you don't have to put your mats in the washing machine at all.


An iron as a last resort

Using an iron to clean your car mats sounds like a strange idea. But it's not as strange as you'd think if you know how to do it properly. You'll also need a sheet of parchment paper. Using an iron and parchment paper is truly the last resort to cleaning your car mats. Place the paper on the mats and go over it carefully with the iron. There's a big chance that the filth will attach itself to the paper but stains could actually get worse in this process.

Are the stains getting worse? At this point you've tried everything possible and you'll have to buy new car mats. Ordering new mats is simple using the guide at the top of this website. If you decide to get new mats, we ensure the best quality and you will have a warranty period of up to 4 years. 


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