Rubber Car mats Hyundai i30 GD

Construction year: 2013 - 2017


All of the advantages of our rubber car mats in one list:
- 3-year guarantee
- Anti-slip prevents slipping and sliding
- Odourless, therefore a fresh-smelling car
- Easy to clean with water
- Environment-friendly material with a great grip
- Specially made to fit your car
- Supple, light-weight and exceptionally sturdy

Rubber car mats are ideal if you wish to protect your car interior against dirt and moisture, something that can be very necessary if you often get into your car after venturing into muddy or wet terrains. Choosing our all weather rubber car mats means you will have the best protection for your car.

High quality rubber car mats, manufactured in-house
Our rubber car mats cannot be matched in terms of quality and are all manufactured in-house. They are made from TPE, i.e. synthetic rubber. This recyclable material is environment-friendly and offers an excellent grip. In addition, TPE is also very supple and light-weight. Another advantage is that our rubber car mats are odourless, unlike its standard rubber counterparts.

€ 56,95
Number of carmats: 4
Delivery time 6-10 working days
Fixing system included
Delivery costs 3,75
Selected options

Hyundai i30

Version Type 8
Type Coupé
Construction year 2013 - 2017

Car mat material

Material Rubber
Guarantee 3 year
Odor Vanilla
Perfect Fit

With 15 years' experience in the car mat sector, our company now has more than 2,500 mat templates for various car models. We visit car dealers monthly to take measurements for new models. This keeps our range up-to-date, enabling us to supply perfectly fitting car mats for even the very latest models. With our years of experience, we can also provide a 100% guarantee on the car mats we supply. Perfectly fitting car mats not only look better in your car but also improve safety!

Fixing system

Car mats from Just Carpets are, whenever possible, supplied with an original fixing system. In some older cars, the car mats are not attached by means of a fixing system. In such cases, Just Carpets supplies a universal system with your order. In this way we can guarantee that these mats too can be fitted in your car properly. For safety reasons, all new cars are nowadays fitted with a mat fixing system. Proper fastening prevents the mat from slipping under the control pedals in the event of sudden braking. If you are not sure whether your system is the original one, please feel free to contact us. We have an original fixing system for almost every car. If you receive a universal system and think you should have received an original system, first try to carefully remove the screw cap in the bottom of your car. If the fixing system is impossible to remove, however, please contact us and we will provide assistance by phone.

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