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Are you looking for a new boot mat for your Nissan Qashqai? The rubber that we use for our boot mats is strong and flexible and has a raised edge. The mats are easy to fit into your boot and easy to clean. Alongside our rubber boot mats, we also have carpet boot mats. Perfect for protecting your upholstery from moisture, dirt and wear. Your car boot will look as good as new. We only sell boot mats that have been cut perfectly to size. You can be sure that the boot mat you order will fit your Nissan Qashqai. We maintain high quality standards in our boot mats and carefully select all the rubber and carpet that we use. If you order a new boot mat for your Nissan Qashqai, you will be guaranteed excellent protection against everyday wear and tear. All our boot mats come with a non-slip coating.


06/2021 - 2022 | J12

Nissan Qashqai Type 5


09/2017 - 06/2021 | J11

Nissan Qashqai Type 4


2014 - 09/2017 | J11

Nissan Qashqai Type 3


2010 - 2014 | 5 seater

Nissan Qashqai Type 2


2007 - 2010 | 5 seater

Nissan Qashqai Type 1

Custom Nissan Qashqai boot mat

On delivery, not all Nissan Qashqai cars have a boot mat. Still, it may be wise to install a boot mat. Because a boot mat protects your car’s interior against moisture, dirt and damage. For instance, a clean, undamaged boot will make it easier to sell your car in the future. If the boot needs to be cleaned, simply take the mat out of your car so that you can give it a quick shake or hose it down(Rubber). If you choose for a carpet boot mat, you can easily lift it from your car using the built-in handle.

Order your Nissan Qashqai boot mat

Our boot mats are strong and suitable for pets. Thanks to the non-slip coating, transporting heavy items or pets is safe. To make sure that all our boot mats are measured correctly, we use a 3D scan. Because of this, we can guarantee a perfect fit and can offer a three-year warranty on our boot mats. Choose your Nissan Qashqai boot mat on Just Carpets now!

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