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Why rubber car mats are an absolute must in winter.

Car mats don't always have it easy. Especially in fall and winter when it's damper and colder outside, we carry all sorts of filth on the bottom of our shoes.

In extreme cases we step in road salt and bring that into our cars. Carpeted car mats will endure extra wear and tear because of this.

So it's not crazy that a lot of people have worn out car mats. En worn out car mats need to be replaced as quickly as possible.

Worn car mats give the influences of winter a free chance to get all the way through to the floor of your car.

Besides that, they won't look good and give your car a neglected appearance.

Rubber car mats in the winter and carpeted car mats in the summer?

In countries such as Germany or Austria, it's quite reasonable to have rubber car mats in the winter and to put carpeted mats in your car in the summer.

This isn't too crazy considering the harsher winters in these countries. Even though we don't get too much snow in The Netherlands as in Germany or Austria, our fall is no joke.

Sometimes it just falls out of the skies and that leaves our roads full of mud and leaves. This moisture and mud gets tracked into our cars on our shoes.

And it doesn't take a genius to figure out where this filth will end up. Yep, your car mats. The moisture and filth absorb into your car mats.

A little bit of moisture and filth isn't awful for your car mats but over a longer period of time with bad weather, it's better to replace your carpeted car mats with rubber ones.

Especially when there's snow on the way, rubber car mats are better. This is of course because of the road salts being used. This salt gets stuck on your shoes and gets into your car. And the carpeting on your car mats can't handle that all too well. 

Cleaning rubber car mats

Carpeted car mats are easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. (Check out the article "Cleaning your car mats" for more information)

If you're dealing with more extreme filth like mud, moisture or road salts, rubber car mats can handle it much more easily, and these car mats are much more easily cleaned.

Rubber car mats can easily be cleaned with a moist cloth or a garden hose. Super handy. 

Covering the whole floor of your car with rubber car mats for the best protection. 

We produce not only rubber car mats but also rubber car boot mats. Protect your whole car from the hardships of winter with our super sturdy rubber.

Handy tips

Besides the fact that our rubber car mats are ideal for all situations, you can use them for other things as well.

  • Is your car stuck in the snow or mud? Put your rubber car mat under the wheel that's stuck and you'll be free in an instant.
  • Need to change a tire? Use the rubber mat as a work mat.
  • On ski vacation and wanting to put on your skis from your car? Use the rubber mat to avoid getting wet feet.

Buying universal or made to measure rubber mats.

Of course you can choose to put universal rubber car mats in your car from discount shops like Action, but is that really such a smart choice?

Our rubber car mats are made to measure for your type of car. Made to measure is always better than universal. You can imagine what happens when the mats don't fit perfectly.. all that moisture, filth, and road salts still end up in your car. 

Order your rubber car mats at Just Carpets.

You can find many offers for rubber car mats online. So why should you choose ours?

Easy. Our rubber car mats are made from the best material and last a long, long time. That's why we give you a 3 year warranty.


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