Kovvar®: the quality brand behind Just Carpets' car mats

Kovvar® is the leading quality brand for car mats. Kovvar guarantees the best materials, high-quality finishing and the perfect fit. All across a range of prices. From our most affordable car mats right up to the most luxurious, high-end versions: whatever you choose, Kovvar's craftmanship means you are choosing quality.

Perfect fit

At Kovvar, the perfect car mat or car boot mat starts with the perfect fit. We have the exact measurements for every car mat for every make and model, to the millimetre. To create the templates for our mats, we use an advanced 3D scanner. This means that every Kovvar car mat fulfils the strictest requirements in relation to original shape and fit, offering precision and consistent quality.

Guaranteed quality, often better than the original

When choosing the car mat that perfectly suits your requirements, Kovvar offers you a choice of materials and price ranges. All of our mats, starting with the most affordable, assure you of the perfect fit, strong materials and secure attachment. A Kovvar car mat will therefore be at least as good as the original. Often, the quality of our mats is even better. Which is why we give an extra-long guarantee on many of our car mats. Up to four years!

Long life and optimum safety

Kovvar's car mats are extremely durable. The materials used in our carpets were developed specially for us, with great attention to lifespan. This makes our car mats hardwearing, so they keep their good looks. They also have a strong heel-section, which increases their useful life even further. In addition, our mats feature an anti-slip underside developed by us, and the right attachments. This means the mats will not slip, so optimum safety is assured.

Rubber mats as well as carpet

Car mats and car boot mats by Kovvar are available not only as carpets, but also in rubber versions. Rubber is strong, flexible and easy to keep clean. Ideal if you often travel with items that are are not so suitable for carpets. For example, if want to put your mountainbike in the back of the car. With a rubber car boot mat by Kovvar, no problem! However dirty the bike is.

Expertise and production in-house

Kovvar has been leading the field in specialist craftsmanship since 2009, and is active in many countries. Right from the start, our philosophy has been that every car mat should be the perfect finishing touch for every car. We therefore produce and develop our car mats in-house, paying the greatest attention to quality, innovation and sustainability. We also take care of delivery, direct to the consumer, without expensive middle-men. Which means an unparalleled price/quality ratio for you. 

Quality guaranteed by Kovvar®

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