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Good to know in regard to Volkswagen car mats

You would think buying a set of car mats for your Volkswagen is a piece of cake. Essentially that's true because you can order them with a simple mouse click in our web shop, although more comes into play when you are looking to buy some car mats for your Volkswagen. What material do you opt for, how do you best clean it? When is a car boot mat useful? As you can see, there are quite a few things one should know about car mats. In order to help you, we've listed a few useful things to know.

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  1. Why new car mats?
  2. Car mats: an important accessory for each and every Volkswagen
  3. Picking the material and quality of your Volkswagen car mats
  4. What do other Volkswagen drivers pick?
  5. Car boot mat for your Volkswagen: to do or not to do?
  6. The importance of a perfect fit
  7. Cleaning car mats
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
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Why new car mats?

Why do Volkswagen drivers buy new car mats? Obviously lots of people do so because their old car mats are worn down and look tatty. It's paramount to opt for solid Volkswagen car mats with the exact same fit as the original car mats. There are also Volkswagen drivers who prefer nicer car mats than the original ones, sometimes bearing special logos or texts. Real car enthusiasts often choose new car mats sooner because they like to keep their car in perfect condition. 

Car mats: an important accessory for every Volkswagen

Solid car mats of reliable quality for your Volkswagen are important accessories that you should never skimp on. There are multiple reasons for this.

  • Safety: Decent car mats are indispensable for the safety of both yourself and your fellow road users. Whether you drive a Volkswagen Up!, Tiguan, Golf, Transporter or any other Volkswagen model: make sure you always have car mats with a solid fastening system and anti-slip material on the underside so they cannot shift. A car mat that shifts while driving and gets in the way of your brake or accelerator pedal can be very dangerous. 
  • Value preservation: Besides safety, good car mats preserve the interior of your Volkswagen. The upholstery stays clean, in one piece and in pristine condition. Volkswagens have an excellent value retention and with good car mats you certainly contribute to that. A broken or dirty interior reduces the value of every car. 
  • Look: Good car mats provide a look that matches your Volkswagen. Volkswagens are sought after cars with a strong reputation. This includes car mats that match the high quality of each and every Volkswagen. Be honest - when you get into a beautiful Volkswagen like the Polo, Passat, Golf, ID.5, Tiguan or Arteon, you don't want to see old, worn out car mats, do you?

Choosing the material and quality of your Volkswagen car mats

When you buy new car mats for your Volkswagen, you can choose from various qualities of carpet and two types of rubber. You can determine what suits you and your car best based on the properties of the various editions. 

  • Carpet: Is your Volkswagen primarily intended for regular use, such as simple commuting? If so, Volkswagen car mats made of carpet probably suit you best. We have various qualities on offer when it comes to Volkswagen car mats made of carpet. We start with the basic quality, Needle Felt, and go up to Velvet, Luxury Velvet all the way up to the highest quality, Saxony. As a general rule, the more intensive the use of your Volkswagen, the better it is to pick a higher quality carpet.  
  • Rubber: You can choose car mats made of rubber if your car has to deal with mud, dirt or moisture quite often, for example if you live quite rurally, often go into the countryside or practise winter sports. Do you have a Volkswagen that you often use on construction sites or other rough or dirty terrain, like a Transporter or a Touareg? Even then, rubber can be a good choice. Rubber Volkswagen car mats are offered in two editions: Rubber and DuoGrip Rubber. Both are exceptionally sturdy, but Rubber has a normal weight while DuoGrip is a lightweight version. 

What do other Volkswagen drivers choose?

Volkswagen drivers like to keep their car in top shape. This is reflected in the most frequently chosen materials and qualities. Of our carpet types, Luxury Velvet is the most frequently chosen quality, which is as solid as any Volkswagen itself. Rubber is another frequent pick, especially during winter. There are also plenty of Volkswagen drivers who combine carpet and rubber: in drier seasons they use car mats made of carpet, which they swap for rubber car mats during the winter months.

Boot mat for your Volkswagen: to do or not to do?

In addition to car mats for the seating area of your Volkswagen, there are also car boot mats, which are are useful in many cases. The upholstery of your luggage space deserves protection as well because it can become dirty or damaged. A car boot mat is only unnecessary luxury if you never use the boot of your car. For almost every Volkswagen model we offer customised car boot mats in both carpet and rubber.

The importance of a perfect fit

A good car mat should fit well. It prevents dirt or moisture from penetrating the upholstery of your Volkswagen via the edges. A perfect fit also contributes to a stable, solid placement. The car mats you order from us are guaranteed to fit perfectly because we measure the fit of every Volkswagen model with an advanced 3D scanner, down to the last millimeter. We produce the car mats ourselves on the basis of this measured fit.

Cleaning car mats

How you best clean the car mats of your Volkswagen depends on the type of material. 

  • Carpet: Do you have Volkswagen car mats made of carpet? If so, you can clean them by just shaking them out and vacuuming. If the dirt continues to stick afterwards, it's best to use a sturdy brush to get the last dirt off. 
  • Rubber: Volkswagen car mats made of rubber are quick and easy to clean by shaking off the worst dirt and then rinsing them clean with water. Afterwards you can dry them, for example with an old towel. 

Questions Volkswagen drivers frequently ask us:

  1. Have you got car mats and tailor-made car boot mats for every single Volkswagen model?
    We make car mats and car boot mats for almost every type of Volkswagen. Well known models we make car mats for include the Volkswagen Passat, the Volkswagen Up!, the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Volkswagen Transporter, but those are just a few examples. If you have a Volkswagen, you will always find the right mats with us, no matter what model Volkswagen you drive. 
  2. Do you also have perfectly fitting car mats for older or classic Volkswagens?
    Most definitely! We make car mats for the Volkswagen Corrado, the Beetle, the Golf I, and even for the rare 1600. 
  3. Do you also make car mats bearing logos and texts?
    Car mats can be printed with tonnes of logos and names of your choice. The only exception is using Volkswagen's original logo as it is copyrighted. 

Order car mats for your Volkswagen

Are you interested in new Volkswagen car mats and do you want to purchase a set for your Volkswagen? If so, visit our product page. That's where you can select the right car mats for your Volkswagen and place your order in an easy, fast way.


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