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Sometimes our customers ask what material we use for our car mats. Which is not a silly question at all, because a car mat needs to be quite tough – not exactly the type of material you would use for a T-shirt. Car mats are, in general, made of a fibre-bonded or velour material. You can find more information about our velour car mats on this page. 


The yarn we use to weave the carpet is made of polyamide which is a very strong material with the added advantage of being dirt-repellent. For this reason, materials in which polyamide is incorporated get dirty far less quickly than normal materials. Polyamide is made of benzene, which is a semi-manufactured product from the oil and gas industry. Some of our competitors use polypropylene when manufacturing their velour. It may be cheaper, but the quality of it cannot be compared to that of polyamide velour. The polypropylene mats will get dirty more quickly and have a greater impact on the environment than polyamide mats.


Velour is a textile product with a pile. This causes the surface of the weave to feel soft and have a mat sheen. For our car mats we use what is called tufted velour. The production process of tufting resembles that of a sewing machine. A pre-determined length of thread is led through a backing using a needle. This results is a great number of loops that are all cut during tufting. 


Besides the normal Velvet car mats, Just Carpets also offers a more luxurious version of these mats. For an extra bit of comfort you choose this luxury car mats. Super quality and always warm feet. The difference is mainly in the mat thickness and the bottom of the mat.


You are no doubt wondering which car mat is the most suitable for you. Good news: mats made of velours and needle felt are of excellent quality; one type does not subside for the other. Our velour car mats are the most comfortable and radiate luxury. This makes them look a lot nicer than the car mats of needle felt. If you want to give the interior of your car that little bit extra, a set of velours is a good choice.


- 2 year warranty
- Mat thickness 5 mm
- Bottom with Antislip +


- 3 year warranty
- Mat thickness 8 mm
- Bottom with Antislip ++

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