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Needle felt car mats

Curious as to which materials we use for our car mats? On this page you'll find more information on our needle felt car mats.  

What is needle felt?

Needle felt is made by weaving the fibres together in a special way. The fibre layer is pierced by thousands of needles. The needles are fitted with barbs so that the fibres get stuck together. Our carpet supplier uses the raw material polypropylene to produce the carpet for our needle felt car mats. The advantage of using this material is that it repels filth. 

The advantages of needle felt

Are you looking for an affordable car mat and not too focused on luxury? Needle felt car mats are your best option. Small filth particles like sand and grit are less visible on needle felt than on a mat made of velour. On the other hand, coarser filth, like mud, will stick much more easily to a mat made of needle felt. This is due to the immense amount of barbs in the fabric. To summarise, needle felt car mats are harder to clean. Velour also lasts longer, but is more expensive.

Features of our needle felt car mats

Whether you're buying affordable needle felt mats or velour car mats: thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials such as polyamide, you can be certain that you're getting solid, robust car mats. 

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