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Different Types of Car Boot Protection

Looking for the right Car boot protector for your car? 

  • A car boot mat made of rubber protects the floor of your car and has anti-slip.
  • A car boot mat made of fabric protects the floor of your car and has anti-slip but isn’t practical when transporting filthy items. 
  • A car boot protector made of fabric protects the entire boot, including the sides, but often doesn’t have an anti-slip bottom and they are difficult to clean. 
  • A plastic bin in your car boot protects the floor and edges but often doesn’t include an anti-slip bottom. 

What’s the difference between a car boot mat, a car boot protector and a bin for in your car boot?

Some people choose a fitted car boot mat, some go for a universal boot protector and others opt for a sort of plastic bin for in the boot. No matter what kind of car boot protection you had in mind, our rubber car boot protectors is almost always the most practical. This is due to the sturdiness of the mat and the fact that it is made to measure for your car car. 

We also have a selection of car boot mats made of fabric. Just like our mats made of rubber, these are very sturdy and suited with anti-slip bottoms. Do you often transport heavy or filthy things? Then the best option is one of our rubber car boot mats. A mat made of fabric is just fine if you only transport basic, everyday items. 

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Car boot protection made of rubber

This kind of car boot protection is especially popular with dog owners. On the page “Car boot protection for dogs” you can read why. Aside from being ideal for dog owners, these rubber protectors are perfect for anyone who uses their car boot regularly. So no matter what you need to transport, with rubber car boot protection you’ll never need to worry about damaging the original lining of your car. 

Our rubber car boot mats are made of the best materials and can take anything on. They’re perfect for transporting heavy items and after transporting filthy objects they are simple to wash off with either a wet towel or even a pressure washer. 

Car boot protection made to measure

Most car boot protectors, whether you’re talking about a mat, towel, or a bin, are often not fit to your car but are universal products. Our car boot mats made of rubber and fabric are made to exactly fit your car. Therefore you never have to worry about it not fitting. 

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