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Buying car mats? Here's what to pay attention to!

Buying car mats? What should you actually be looking for when purchasing new car mats? And what kind of car mats are there? At first glance, car mats appear to be nothing more than a piece of carpet for the floor of your car. Nothing could be less true. On this page I'll tell you exactly what to pay attention to when buying new car mats. 

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New set of car mats? Hoe often do you use your car?

The purchase of the right car mats starts with the question: how often do you use your car? Do you drive often? For work maybe? Or much less often, just a few times per week? People that make use of their car often not only ask a lot of their vehicle, but also  of their car mats. It's no rocket science that people who use their car more often are better off with  thick and high-quality car mats than a lesser quality piece of scrap. 

At Just Carpets we offer a variety of different car mats, I've put them all in a list here below: 

  • Needle felt
  • Velour
  • Luxury velour
  • Saxony
  • Rubber



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Needle felt

The first kind of mats we offer is needle felt. Needle felt is the cheapest variant and also the least sustainable. 

This of course doesn't mean that these mats are 'bad.' These mats are a good fit for people who don't use their cars often and aren't worried about having a luxurious look. 

Velour car mats

The second kind of mats we offer is velour. Velour is made of a thicker fabric than the needle felt version. It gives your car a more luxurious look and the quality is also more sustainable than needle felt. Another advantage is the ease of cleaning it. This is due to the structure of the fabric. 

Luxury velour car mats 

The name says it all. This luxury velour is a bit thicker than the normal velour variant and gives your car a much sleeker look. These mats have a long lifespan and are easy to vacuum. Thanks to the sustainability of this mat, you get a generous 3 year warranty on the quality. 

Saxony car mats 

The saxony we use is of premium quality. It's made from long pile carpeting which makes it very thick and soft. The quality of this carpeting is comparable to the most expensive carpeting available for living spaces. These mats have the longest durability and for this reason come with a 4 year warranty.  

Rubber car mats 

Alongside our carpeted car mats we also offer rubber car mats. Our rubber car mats are perfect for heavy use. Think about the winter and autumn seasons, or after you've taken a hike through the woods. 

With the rubber car mats we also have rubber car boot mats, ideal for taking your dog to the woods for example. Our rubber car mats are extremely strong and easy to clean. The mats are scentless and fit perfectly in your car, in fact they're made to measure just for your car's make and model. 

Different borders

You can choose from a range of borders for your car mats. Here's an overview: 

  • Nubuck (in a variety of colours)
  • Stiched
  • Double stitched
  • Fabric
  • Leather (in a variety of colours) 

During the ordering process you can choose the border you want.

Car mats with a logo

Looking to give your car mats a personal touch? No problem. We can decorate your car mats with your personal logo or text. On the page "Car mats with a logo" you'll read all about it.

Car mats made to measure

All of our car mats are made perfectly to measure. For this reason we guarantee a perfect fit every time for every mat that leaves the building. 

The page "Car mats made to measure" tells you all about how we attain an exact and perfect fit. 

Why not use universal car mats?

We only sell fitted car mats. Meaning car mats that are made to exactly fit the make and model of your car. We made a conscious choice to not sell universal car mats. This is due to the fact that these mats never fit well and shift around easily. You can't fasten them to the original attachment system of your car which makes them anything but ideal. 

Cleaning your car mats

One frequently asked question is how to clean car mats. Car mats are easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. As we mentioned, the more expensive quality mats are easier to clean. The needle felt version is easiest to clean with an old fashioned carpet beater. 

Why are car mats so important?

I'll finish this article by telling you why car mats are so important for your car. Not only do they add to a beautiful interior, they protect the floor of your car. To protect the floor of your car, it's important that it be covered with a beautiful set of car mats. 

Ordering car mats is easy. Using the control panel above, you'll be done with just a few clicks.   


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