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Fiat 500 accessories: Make your Fiat unique!

The Fiat 500 is a small city car that's become extremely popular in the past few years. What many people don't know is that the first Fiat 500 was made in 1957, and even back then the little 500 was a real hit which created the need for higher production rates to meet the large demand. 

After years of radio silence, the new Fiat 500 came out in 2007. The innocent look and beautiful round design pleased the masses immediately. 

Which was to be expected especially considering how involved the public was in the design. Suggestions could be made online for the design of the car. 

And yet there were critics who doubted the safety features of this "cute" Fiat. These skeptics were quickly put in their place after the Fiat 500 became the first car in its class to receive the maximum score of five stars on the NCAP's safety test. 

At the end of 2007 the crowd-pleasing Fiat 500 was named car of the year for 2008, well deserved if you ask us.

A few facts about the Fiat 500:

  • The current Fiat 500 model was first made in 2007 and the very first Fiat 500 came off the production line in 1957.
  • The Fiat 500 is made in Poland. This is also where the Fiat Panda and the Ford Ka are made. 
  • There are a few special versions of the Fiat 500 like the Gucci 500, the 500 By Diesel, 500 America, 500 Blackjack, and a bright orange Dutch version. 
  • Aside from the newly-released electric Fiat 500, there's one more electric Fiat 500, the Fiat 500 Carbonara Electric. What makes this version special is the fact that it is a traditional version of the Fiat 500 but new technologies have been added under the hood.
  • In 2010 the 500,000th Fiat 500 was made.
  • Aside from the 'normal' 500, you've also got the Fiat 500C, the Fiat 500L, and the Fiat 500X. The Fiat 500C has a sliding roof and the Fiat 500L is an extended version of the traditional 500. The 500X is a cool MPV. 

Fiat 500 accessoires

We've talked about Tesla Model 3 accessories and now it's time for Fiat 500 accessories. You might say that there's nothing missing from this Fiat. And yet some people are looking for ways to make their Fiat even more their own. 

This could be coloured keychains, sticker sets, Fiat 500 keychains, the so called privacy shades of cars. 

The most sought after accessories are custom made car mats with a personalised text, logo, or bordering of your choice (stitching in different colours or a colourful border)

Fiat 500 automatten

At Just Carpets we can help you give your Fiat 500 a personal touch. We make custom made car mats for your Fiat 500. You can also choose from a selection of different coloured borders and a personalised text or logo can be added.

You can choose from a selection of numerous materials:

  • Needle felt (this mat is for people who want a strong and practical car mat but don't care too much about the look.)
  • Velour (this mat is not only strong but also has a beautiful look thanks to the beautifully "cut" carpet.)
  • Luxury velour (Luxury velour is a premium material. Extremely sturdy and like the name suggests, a luxurious look.)
  • Rubber (Flexible yet extremely sturdy. Our rubber mats are ideal for colder and wetter periods.)

Fiat 500 car mats with a logo

Looking for car mats with a personalised logo or text for your Fiat 500? Here you can choose from a selection of logos and your own text in the font of your choosing. 

Our logos and texts are all sewn into the mat so we can ensure that it stays firmly on the mat.

Overview of your options:

  • Different coloured borders (Red, Blue, Grey, White, Black, Charcoal)
  • Different coloured stitching (Black, Charcoal, Blue, White, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Brown)
  • Different logos (National flags, emoticons, and many more)
  • Your personalised text (multiple fonts and colours)

Rubber car mats and car boot mats for your Fiat 500. 

In addition to carpeted car mats, we also have tailor-made rubber mats, custom car boot mats and tailor-made car boot mats.

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