Car mats for Ford Fiesta

  • Perfectly fitting car mats for your Ford Fiesta
  • Complete car mat set with original fixing system
  • Handmade in our own factory
  • Opt for durable carpet or rubber
  • 700,000+ satisfied customers
  • Kovvar®: the quality brand behind Just Carpets car mats
Car mats for Fiesta

Fiesta Mk8

06/2017 - 2024

Car mats for Ford Fiesta Type 4

Fiesta Mk7.5

2013 - 06/2017

Car mats for Ford Fiesta Type 3 Facelift

Fiesta Mk7

2008 - 2013

Car mats for Ford Fiesta Type 3

Fiesta Mk6.5

2005 - 2008 | Crossroad

Car mats for Ford Fiesta Type 2 Facelift

Fiesta Mk6.5

2005 - 2008

Car mats for Ford Fiesta Type 2 Facelift

Fiesta Mk6

2001 - 2005

Car mats for Ford Fiesta Type 2

Fiesta Mk4/Mk5

1995 - 2001

Car mats for Ford Fiesta Type 1

Here you will find the perfect car mats for your Ford Fiesta. We supply a complete set of mats for your car, including the original fastening system to prevent your mats from slipping. We only sell car mats that are perfectly tailored to your car. So you can be certain that the car mats you order fit in your Ford Fiesta. We maintain high quality standards in our car mats, and use only carefully selected materials. By choosing Ford Fiesta car mats from Just Carpets, you're choosing comfort and perfection. Our mats are provided with an anti-slip backing. You may also opt for an extra heel pad to protect the high-wear areas. You can also personalise your car mats by adding a logo or text.

Ford Fiesta car mats materials

You can choose from various types of material for your Ford Fiesta car mats. Basic car mats are made of high-quality carpet, affordable and better than universal car mats. Functional, but not suitable for heavy use. Most customers choose our Comfort/b> or Luxury car mats. Suitable for people looking for comfort. These car mats are highly professionally produced, resulting in a very densely woven carpet. For these car mats, we use high-quality tufted velour carpet, guaranteeing a luxurious look worthy of your Ford Fiesta. Our Premium car mats are made of very high-quality carpet. If you want the very best for your car, choose these luxurious car mats. Exclusive, precision-cut carpet that is only used by the very best makes of car. Finally, you can also choose rubber car mats for most models. Rubber is easy to clean, making these mats ideal for autumn and winter. No matter which material you choose, we guarantee that our car mats will fit your Ford Fiesta perfectly.

Custom Ford Fiesta car mats

All orders from Just Carpets are custom-made. Thanks to our many years’ experience with carpets and car mats, we can guarantee an excellent quality and fit for your Ford Fiesta. If there is a problem with your car mats, you can use our money-back guarantee. You can easily find and order the right car mats on our website. If you need help, please contact our customer service. After you have placed your order, we will get to work right away so that we can keep delivery time to a minimum. Surely you won’t settle for a universal car mat that doesn’t fit properly? Buy a car mat that's custom-made to fit your Ford Fiesta!

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