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The best car boot dog covers?

Looking for the best car boot protection that will allow you to transport your dog worry free? The rubber car boot dog covers from Just Carpets are practical and strong. 

The ease of a car boot mat made of rubber

Running through the sandy, dusty dunes on the beach, one of your dogs favourite activities. Rolling through gross and sprinting around in the sand. As a dog owner you love to see your furry friend having fun. But now your dog is covered in mud and sand and a towel or trash bags won’t do the trick. This solution isn’t waterproof and will easily slide around in the car boot. 

The benefits of our rubber car boot mats as a dog owner: 

  • They fit like a glove in the boot of your car, whatever type that may be. 
  • The car boot mats are made of the best material, they’re sturdy and last for years. 
  • You’re protecting your car boot from dog hair, moisture, sand, and mud. 
  • Cleaning our mats is a piece of cake, even a garden hose suffices. 
  • You can use the car boot mat as a bed for your dog at a stopover. 

Excellent rating!

"Clear site. Quick service. And good car mats. Fit is absolutely great."

9 / 10

Tips on how to protect your dog

The UK is home to millions of dog owners. This means that millions of people take their dogs with them in the car when going places. What’s strange is that there are no laws about taking your dog in the car. The only mention of it is in article 5: “Everyone is forbidden to act in such a way that danger is caused or can be caused on the road, or that traffic is obstructed or can be obstructed.” Thankfully, most dog owners take matters into their own hands to protect their dogs.

Get your dog used to it.

It is also important to keep your own safety in mind when bring your dog along in the car. In any case, your dog should be relaxed. It becomes difficult to focus on the road when your dog is bustling around. It helps to have your dog get used to the car. The following tips are also helpful: 

  • Does your dog suffer from motion sickness? Take this seriously. 
  • Always transport your dog in a safe place in the car, preferably in the boot. 
  • If it’s a warm day you should stop more often and give your dog plenty of water. 
  • Never leave your dog unattended in the car. 
  • Take frequent breaks, for your dog and yourself. 
  • Is it impossible to get your dog to calm down in the car? Seek professional help.

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